Cape Harmony Alumnae

Alyssa Norton

Alyssa Norton

Years: 2006, 2007, 2008
CH Nicknames: Alysser, Lyss
College/Year: Boston University/2008
Solos: I'll Be There, You Give Love A Bad Name, Rock The Boat, Express Yourself
Favorite Cape Harmony Song: Come Go With Me, Send Me On My Way, What A Wonderful World, Let It Be, It Don't Have To Change
Known for: being in the Original Two, counting money at the kitchen table, having a GPS chip in my brain for navigating back roads during Cape traffic situations, meeting people I know everywhere we go, taking too long in the bathroom, eating Mall Chinese Food at least once a week and ordering the Man Plate at Sam Diego's, being the only one who likes Jean's Song, copious amounts of vocal percussion, my blue car named Betty that never has four hubcaps...and running over a cone for no reason in the parking lot of Trader Ed's...
Where is she now?: After spending time abroad (where I worked in Germany as an au pair and earned my TEFL certificate in Italy), I am returning to the great state of Massachusetts to teach Engish as a Second Language at a summer program for international middle school students in Central Mass. I hope to continue teaching in the fall in any one of the cities remaining on my "Places I Want To Live" list: London, Dublin, Boston, and Washington, D.C. And I still want to own a flower shop someday.
Favorite Part of Cape Cod: Old Silver Beach, Barnstable West Barnstable Elementary
Favorite Cape Harmony Memory: Way too many to name, but I really value being there for the baby years of this group...I got to see the group grow and change, said goodbye to old friends and welcomed new ones, and now that I am graduated and moving on, I get to see new people lead the group into the future. Each season had its own dynamic and its own set of memories, and I'm so grateful to have experienced them all.
Gives chlove to: Kath, for coming to our shows, making us lasagna and birthday cakes, for creating and always dropping 20s into the big blue bucket, and for being generally excellent; to Daddyo, for listening to "You're A Grand Old Flag" 687 times while driving our parade float at 2 mph down Main St., for pizza parties and S'mores, and for crying when we sing; to the people who doubted us, for giving us all the more reason to pull together and make it happen; to the people who supported us, for giving us love, rides, open ears, cookies, hugs, and a reason to stay in business; to the CHuncles, for being such good sports; to my fellow alums, for braving the beginning and enjoying the results with me; to CH 2009 and beyond, for taking it to the next level; and to MP, for having a big vision and a lot of faith, for driving 3 hours on a weeknight to never miss an opening show, for giving the group everything she has and then some, and for being the heart and soul of this operation - we would be nothing without you.