Cape Harmony Alumnae

Jenn Sheehan

founding member
Jenn SheehanYears: 2006, 2007

CH Nicknames: Jennenenen
College/Year: Brandeis University/2009
Solos: Build Me Up, Buttercup, Under the Boardwalk, Conga (Gloria Estefan Medley), Summer Girl
Favorite Cape Harmony Song: Gloria Estefan Medley!
Known for: Smiling.
Where is she now?: I live in Boston and spend a lot of my time with shoes and writing. From time to time I come here and update this website. Oh, and I eat gluten-free food:
Favorite Part of Cape Cod: Woods Hole
Favorite Cape Harmony Memory: There are so many... the time Laurel, Molly, Rachel and I floated around the pool in the middle of the night singing all our songs with just four people; the initial trepidation ("Are you guys a dance troupe?") and then the energy and amazing reception we got at our first open mic in Woods Hole... ("DO FREEBIRD!"); when Drew and Sarah carried the mattress through the woods on the craziest CH day possibly ever; when Amanda drank two Red Bulls that night and couldn't tolerate the "Grandpa" driving while Alyssa frosted a birthday cake in the passenger seat on the highway; any night spent staying up way too late laughing in the CHhouse.
Gives chlove to: CH 2006 - how we survived Wixon I will never know, but I am thankful for it bringing us all together. CH 2007, we hit the ground running and we did not stop. Our friends, family and fans for supporting us, and my campers for making everyday better and keeping me sane, and everyone else at B. Rec for being there for us.