Cape Harmony Alumnae

Katheryne Hogan

Katie Hogan

Years: 2007, 2008
CH Nicknames: Katie, Katie Ho, Hogan
College/Year: University of New Hampshire/2010
Solos: Accidentally in Love, Girl Put Your Records On, Rescue Me, Let it Be
Favorite Cape Harmony Song: Let it Be
Known for: Hating spiders! The White Beauty... May he rest in peace.
Where is she now?: Teaching it up! Working on her Master's in Elementary Education.
Favorite Part of Cape Cod: Being outside all day everyday! Meeting a bunch of great people!
Favorite Cape Harmony Memory:  There was a night when we sang for our landlord's mom after one of our shows. The look on her face while we were singing was unforgettable. That's when I realized how amazing this job and opportunity of CH really is.
Gives chlove to:  All the 2007 and 2008 girls. Barnstable Rec (BWB!!!). Myra. Our Fans!