Cape Harmony Alumnae

Sarah Rogers

founding member
Sarah Rogers

Years: 2006, 2007
CH Nicknames: Music Sarah
College/Year: University of Rochester/2009
Solos: Gone, Send Me On My Way
Favorite Cape Harmony Song: What A Wonderful World and Gloria Estefan Medley
Known for: My undying love for Wheat Thins.
Where is she now?: After a semester abroad conducting research in India and field work in Nepal, I'll be spending the summer at home at the Jersey Shore singing and working with autistic preschoolers.
Favorite Part of Cape Cod: The drive from the CHhouse to Camp Lyndon, especially at night. And anywhere along the coast!
Favorite Cape Harmony Memory: Our Wednesday shows outside. It was always my favorite show, since it always attracted our new Cape friends and camp groupies. Oh, and the time that Laurel swallowed a bug.
Gives chlove to: The CHpeeps! Clearly... :)