Jocelyn Vierra

School, Year, Major:
Stonehill College, 2008, Communication major, Sociology minor
Hometown: East Providence, RI
Age: 20
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: Stonehill Collegiate Choral, shower (of course)
Loves: Music (obviously), traveling, amusement parks, The New England Patriots, dark chocolate
Hates: Broccoli, being cold, “blah” people, tardiness, bad drivers
Plans after Graduation: Traveling (maybe back-packing Europe) before I settle down with an enjoyable job
Fun fact: I’m more nationalities than the League of Nations; We like to call it the Heinz 57!


Drew Alexandra Sambol

School, Year, Major:
Brandeis University, 2009, Anthropology and International & Global Studies, French minor
Hometown: Jersey Shore
Age: 19
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: Brandeis Early Music Ensemble, Brandeis University Chorus, singing while driving, etc.
Loves: travel, reading, all art forms(creating or admiring), beach bumming, skiing, coffee, sushi, shoes
Hates: spinach, salad, misunderstandings
Plans after graduation: helping people in one way or another
Fun fact: I am a vegetarian who hates salad.



Melissa Paul
General Manager

School, Year, Major:
University of Connecticut, 2006, Music
Hometown: Manchester, CT
Age: 22
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: UConn Chordials, UConn Idol, various school and community choirs, National Anthem for the UConn Huskies!
Loves: music (duh), babies, basketball, NY Yankees, sleep, hanging out with my best friends, the overwhelming feeling of hitting the perfect chord, reading on the beach
Hates: hate is such a strong word...people who don't use turn signals, people who don't say "please" and "thank you", Carrots, Coconuts, and talking on the phone
Plans after graduation: working for AmeriCorps...hopefully, then going to grad school and teaching diversity through the arts (if that doesn't make sense, ask me about it, haha).
Fun fact: I'm a Yankees fan living in Massachusetts for the summer...this could get interesting!


Sarah Rogers
Publicity Coordinator

School, Year, Major:
University of Rochester, 2009, Music and Anthropology
Hometown: Belmar, New Jersey
Age: 19
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: After Hours (a cappella), Off Broadway On Campus (musical theatre group), Gospel Choir
Loves: The Ocean!, Singing All The Time, Friends, Playing Piano, Writing Music, Family, Reading Historical Fiction Novels, Thunder and Lightning Storms, Coffee and therefore Coffee Ice Cream, with Rainbow Sprinkles of Course =)
Hates: FEET!, People Who Don’t Know How To Say What They Mean, Lies, Mushrooms, Seafood, Lack of Communication, Being Away From Home
Plans after graduation: Pssh... Are we thinking about that already? Hopefully the Peace Corps in South Africa, and then finding a job that allows me to travel and never have to work in a cubicle! =)
Fun fact: My eyes change color with my mood and my surrounding… for instance, they turn ice blue when I am in the ocean or the sky is cloudless and blue.



Molly McKenna

School, Year, Major:
Keene State College, 2008, Journalism and Sociology
Hometown: Manchester, CT
Age: 19
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: Chock Full O' Notes! Keene State's all-female a cappella group
Loves: THE BEACH, thunderstorms, dogs, nice people, summer, driving, music, Snuggling with Alyssa and Amanda, Taco Bell, wearing my sunglasses at night, my friendssss obviously <3
Hates: Spiders, bad drivers...especially people who leave their blinker on for like 10 minutes, STAR WARS - I CAN'T STAND STAR WARS, cats, loud noises, when people confuse "you're" with "your"...
Plans after graduation: Move to San Francisco and work for a magazine :)
Fun fact: I could live off of cereal for the rest of my life.



Alyssa Norton
Business Manager

School, Year, Major:
Boston University, 2008, Music (nonperformance) major, Theater Arts minor
Hometown: Pocasset, MA
Age: 20
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: Aural Fixation all-female a cappella, Boston University Symphonic Chorus
Loves: singing and all that (please), figure skating, Boston, the Red Sox, Ann Howard Jones, BU ice hockey, Kelly Clarkson (sorry), ER, working hard but remembering to have a good time, watching the sunrise, doing stuff that no one else has ever done before, being in good company
Hates: people like Melissa and Molly who think that I am actually going to obey traffic laws, the Yankees, being lied to, fake people, people who never smile, McDonalds
Plans after graduation: Who makes these questions? Oh, wait, that was me…I’ll probably do something in music production or the like. Maybe I’ll incur some more debt by going to grad school. But music…definitely music.
Fun fact: Every year since 1998, I have traveled all over the country to compete at the National Synchronized Skating Championships.


Jenn Sheehan
Publicity Coordinator

School, Year, Major:
Brandeis University, 2009, English and American Literature and Journalism
Hometown: South Shore, MA
Age: 19
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: Brandeis' Company B, The Houstonites, Cadence
Loves: chocolate, laughing, conversation, eyelash curlers, kayaking, picture taking, adventures, Tom Hanks, learning, Thai food
Hates: salads, feet, heights, fish, exercising
Plans after graduation: Something that will provide me with enough money to survive. Or live comfortably. The latter would be preferred.
Fun fact: I'm really athletic. I can run to the beach and back in the time it takes Molly to walk there.


Amanda Mulhall
Musical Director

Shool, Year, Major:
Boston University, 2009, Music (nonperformance) and Spanish Language
Hometown: Westborough, MA
Age: 19
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: Aural Fixation all-female a cappella, Boston University Symphonic Chorus
Loves: cake w/o frosting, classic rock, Ann Howard Jones, the beach, rollercoasters, watching surgery on TV, classical singing/choral music, traveling, Radiohead, trying new things with new people (aka CH)
Hates: spooning, being yelled at by anyone/everyone, technology, the Forrest Gump feather theme song, Phantom of the Opera, being late, getting bitten by fire ants, being conspicuous in public, my candid picture
Plans after graduation: I plan on going to grad school, becoming a music teacher, living in Boston, and maybe joining the Peace Corps :)
Fun Fact: I've driven to California and back in a pickup truck with three other people.


Shannon Rice

Shannon Rice
College/Year/Major: Stonehill College, 2009, Double Major: International Studies/ Political Science. Minor: Economics
Hometown: Marstons Mills, MA
Age: 19
Singing activities besides Cape Harmony: Stonehill Collegiate Choral
Loves: Singing and music obviously! running, dancing, shopping, living 10 minutes away from the beach, family, friends, road trips, traveling, food esp. chocolate.
Hates: The word hate.
Plans after graduation: Not quite sure yet, maybe grad school or doing something with international business or international relations.
Fun fact: I have webbed toes.